About Us

Deals World White Rock

Deals World was founded in 1992 and features a selection of merchandise that varies from time to time due to our endless search for the best deals from around the world. We import merchandise from the Orient and purchase quality deals from the US, Canada and Europe. We buy almost anything, if it’s a deal and can pass the savings on to our customers we’ll do it.

We have everything from housewares, home decor, food items, health and beauty, tools, stationery, towels, gift ware, toys and even clothing.

Deals World buys close-out merchandise, package changes, and over stocks from major distributors and wholesalers. Some inventories are acquired through insurance and freight claims, bankruptcies, receiverships, buybacks, over-production and cancelled orders. These “problem situations” for the manufacturers and wholesalers mean huge savings for you! We deal with them all and keep our expenses down to bring our customers the best quality merchandise at the best possible price, and brand name goods as well!

Deals World is proud to be a local homegrown B.C. business, providing excellent customer service, and an exciting shopping experience. You never know what you’ll find next at Deals World!